Organic Whole Food Vitamin Supplements

Why Organic?

We often need vitamin supplements because of all the processed foods.

With today's stress and busy way life very few people time for a healthy and balanced diet. Processed foods don't have the daily ratio of vitamins necessary for maintaining good health.

The polluted environment we live in and the unhealthy food we eat don't add much to our health.

This is obviously not the best way of life or the best way to get a balanced diet. In fact it is all probably dangerous in the long run.

The answer to the problem is an organic whole food supplement. It can immensely enhance our state of health.

Vitamin and mineral-rich foods such as nuts, whole grains and seeds should be eaten every day and can balance your diet with natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

In today’s world, only a handful of people consume a balanced diet and have 6-8 servings of whole foods such as grains, seeds, nuts and vegetables, every day.

The other solution is to take an organic whole food vitamin supplement on a daily basis.

Synthetic Vitamins Vs Organic

Organic vitamins are more expensive than synthetic ones.

Whole Food Vitamin Supplements:


Most essential vitamin supplements that are for sale in the market today are made from synthetic ingredients.

Chemical substances which have been produced in laboratories are used in producing these synthetic vitamin supplements.

Your body has the natural mechanism to assimilate nutritional substances from food. Therefore, most health care advisors advocate an organic whole food vitamin supplement.

Your daily essential vitamins should come from whole food, not synthetics supplements.

Check your calcium source.

Earth Minerals Vs Homeopathic Minerals:

Commercial supplements aimed to increase your vitamin and mineral intake use minerals such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate and other derivates. These are taken from sea shells, rocks or coral. Do you really want to swallow rocks?

On the other hand, an organic whole food vitamin supplement contains a mineral-rich food source along with homeopathic mineral ingredients. The human body finds it much easier to assimilate these essential vitamins.

It is also important for vegetarians to know that not all supplements are animal product free. For instance, capsules could be made of gelatine - which sometimes comes from animal hooves.

The Benefits of Organic Whole Food Vitamin Supplements

Organic whole food vitamin supplements may be hard to find but they are the best there is. You might even be able to find them sold wholesale.

Do make sure they follow these standards:The body can't use mineral supplements from the wrong source.


  • No synthetic or isolate ingredients present in the organic whole food vitamin supplements
  • Enhance the consumption of whole foods, such as seeds, nuts and grains
  • Contain only complete whole food vitamins
  • No chemical, additive or synthetic ingredients.
  • No sea shell, rock or coral derived minerals
  • Include homeopathic minerals.
  • Use a lacto-vegetarian milk free formula

An organic whole food vitamin supplement can prove beneficial in ensuring a healthy diet and avoid conditions that can lead to vitamin deficiencies. The problem is that most health insurance companies don't recognize their importance - they prefer drugs.