Do You Need A Vitamin Supplement?

Is It Worth It To Take Supplements?

How can you know if you need vitamin supplements?

Millions of people spend billions worth of money on vitamin supplements each year. In 2004 alone a staggering 19.6 billion worth vitamin supplements were bought.

Many people think that with each pill they take reduces their chances of suffering cancer or heart disease.

A lot of people are not even aware that water soluble vitamins like vitamin B and C in excess quantities are eliminated through the natural mechanism in the body. No one can stock up on these vitamins.

Other vitamins A,D,E and K are fat soluble, so they can accumulate as fat in the liver and pose as serious threats if too much is stored.

Who Should Take Supplements?

Do you think everyone should take vitamins?

There are certain medical conditions which can limit the body's capability to assimilate vitamins.

If you are a victim of such condition, you do need a vitamin supplement to save you from the deficiency.

If your body has the adequate amounts of vitamins, you unnecessarily risk your body with grave consequences.

If you are taking any prescription drugs, tell your doctor about any a multiple vitamin supplements since some of them can cause reactions.

Some people don’t even go to the doctor but instead diagnose on their own and decide the essential vitamin supplement which they should take.

It is possible to take a simple blood test to know the level of nutrients in your body.

Who Should I Trust About Vitamins?

Buy supplements only from companies with good reputations.

It is very easy to make claims and make hilarious promises to fool the public. There have been numerous instances when such false manufacturers have been penalized heavily for their baseless claims.

Remember one rule: never trust any vitamin supplement information printed on the label since the promoter wants nothing but to make a sale and some will say anything to lead you to buy the product.

Today, a number of authentic government and medical agencies provide unbiased and non prejudiced advise on such products and drugs. Sometimes they are even covered by health insurance.

Check them out. There is a lot of information online to help you make the best decision.