Natural Vitamin Supplements

Are Natural Supplements Better?

It is important to decide if natural is better than organic supplements.

There are a lot of articles and and tons of advice about the risks involved with the overdose of synthetic vitamins.

Even the professionals can't agree on what are the effects of man-made vitamin supplements and how large doses can effect a person's health.

Some believe it is more dangerous than good and there have been newspaper articles that discuss the benefits of natural vitamin supplement over synthetic vitamins.

The problem is that this could be also be a campaign drug producers who really don't like people taking the much cheaper supplements.

But there's definitely no proof that the best source for vitamin and mineral supplements is nature. All nutritionists and professionals agree with this statement.

Synthetic VS Natural Vitamin Supplement

Synthetic or Natural Vitamins, which is better?

Natural vitamin supplements have only natural ingredients and are easily absorbed by the body since they comes from natural food.

Synthetic vitamins have chemicals in them which tries to fool body that the vitamins are really coming form natural sources.

Most people take their multi-vitamin pills with meals since they believing that this will help absorption since they will be mixed in the stomach with real foods.

But it is obviously better to take the daily vitamins in a natural supplement rather than stressing and stuffing the body with synthetic vitamins, which are probably difficult to assimilate.

Natural Vitamin Supplement Products

Wouldn't you prefer natural vitamin supplements?

Many vitamin supplements available in the market these days are 100% natural and many are even organic.

You can find foods that claim to be equivalent to natural essential vitamin supplement can also be found. This might be true if they were part of the natural ingredients. Then they would be very easy to be absorbed since they are in their original form.

Some of these foods are genuine and have all the nutrients the human body needs, such as anti-oxidants, enzymes and whole molecular cells. They act together to fulfill the demand that your body makes.

But if they were added to the natural foods they could just as easily be synthetic, and not so easily available to the body.

In spite of the claims, if vitamins and minerals have been added there is no way you can know if they are really good for you health and if they are really as nourishing as they claim. If you have pets or horses they might need supplements too. Some also claim to make up for hair loss.

Only a nutritionist or someone who has really researched this field could really know.

Are Natural Vitamin Supplements Efficient?

A healthy body need the right kind of vitamins.

A healthy diet is the best means of keeping your body healthy.

Food packages acting as a natural vitamin supplement can supply you with a healthy diet, particularly if you choose a brands with the most natural ingredients and smallest amount of additives.

But even a good diet might lead to you suffering from some vitamin deficiencies.

You should go to a nutritionist, who after examining you current health and perhaps after a few tests will recommend the right vitamin supplement for you. Life a drug, it should fit your needs.

The professional is the best qualified person to tell you if a natural supplement is enough or you need of some additional treatment. See if your health insurance can cover it.

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