Are Liquid Supplements Good?

What is New In Vitamins?

Liquid vitamins can help people who can't swallow pills.

One of the latest developments in the vitamin world is that there is a new way of making liquid supplements. This promises to be a great blessing for anyone who has problems swallowing those huge natural supplement capsules or just can't seem to get pills to go down.

The question is, is this the right solution for you? Are the liquid vitamin supplements in reality as helpful as some people say? How can you know how much of it is an exaggeration for the latest vitamin fad?

Let me clarify a few things about liquid vitamin supplements. Hopefully this will help you decide if they for you or if you should stick to your old multi-vitamins.

Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Vitmins in liquid form are a new idea.

Liquid vitamin supplements are easy to administer to yourself. Anyone who has difficulty swallowing pills is going to see this as a huge blessing.

Flavored versions are on the market now too which of course, makes them even more pleasant to take them. Their claim is that the body can easily assimilate these liquid vitamin supplements.

The vitamin in the liquid state are ready to be absorbed into the blood and the digestive system is able to absorb them directly.

But the primary risk with any vitamin is that there is a possibility of 90% of the vitamins getting lost in the stomach itself.

Vitamin supplement pills come with a covering which keeps them from being dissolved until they enter the intestines where they can be absorbed.

Unlike the pills, liquid supplements may end up getting lost and have little or no effect. There is talk about this just as there is about inosine.

Effervescent tablets

Some liquid vitamins come in different flavors.

These are vitamin supplements in the form of tablets, but to take them you need to dissolve them first in a cup of water.

They come in different flavors, so you might actually like to drink these vitamins.

But the problem of how well they actually work still remains, just like the liquid vitamins.

You can find some people saying they are great while other people say they don't do a thing. It depends on what you need.

Energy drinks such as coffee, tea and other drinks work fine because they function through a different mechanism.

The Best Vitamin Method

For normal macro nutrients and vitamins, the chances are high that they get lost in the stomach.

I personally feel that the tested vitamin supplements pills such as vitamin B, D, etc. are the best way. I would never want to risk taking vitamins and not getting the effect just to try a "new method" since the results are not guaranteed and just lead to wasted money.

You can talk to your doctor, but you need to check if it is covered by your health insurance. These are considered new drugs, so maybe.