Do Vitamins Really Help Hair Loss?

Why Do Some People Lose Their Hair?

Hair is important to your appearance.

A very essential part of human appearance is hair. It does make a telling impression on the world around you. It acts as an indication to your health and confidence.

That is the reason why people often feel depressed when hair begins to thin or fall. You can easily make out if any one is having hair problems.

This problem doesn't affect only men, women too can loose their hair.

There can be a number of reasons that can cause hair fall. Some of the major ones are stress, genetic problems, insufficient amount of the proper vitamins and nutrients in your body, hereditary reasons, and hormonal problems.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Alopecia Androgenica

Hair loss is hereditary.

The main cause of men getting bald is due to the hereditary conditions being handed down to them from their parents. This condition that causes a lot of distress for people is called Alopecia Androgenica.

Sadly there is nothing much can be done to fight this condition because the hair roots just stop production completely.

One way to fight this is with the use of hair growth vitamin supplements like for men vitamin H, which can help them prevent this situation. But failing that, only a hair restoration transplantation would help.

Birth Hormonal Imbalance


This is another cause of hair loss. Although temporary, women generally encounter the problem of hair loss right after giving birth, maybe it has to do with lack of iron.

This is due to the amount of stress that the mother goes through and also because of the fact that the mother’s body gets drained of her resources.

Hair growth vitamin supplements can stimulate the hair growth process. You can use Inositol if you require strong hair, then vitamin A for good condition hair, and also vitamins B, C, iron and zinc to help with the growth production.

Hormonal problems

Woman can suffer hairloss too.

This condition leads to the women losing almost all of their hair.

Just taking hair growth vitamin supplements, even organic vitamins - which is helpful, will not be enough.

It is advisable to visit your local health insurance doctor or and with the help of a blood test check the exact reasons of the hormonal imbalance and find out the exact solution. Maybe you just need some multi-vitamins.

Another cause of hormonal problems and hair loss is thyroid imbalance.

Here hair growth vitamin supplements or drugs can help a lot, as it will be able to get your thyroid back into control, and thus lead you to the correct solution for this problem.